If you're a doctor:

We are GPs too! We are a co-operative of locum GPs in Cornwall so we understand your needs. Join us and you have an equal say in how you want our chambers to operate. We provide all the professional support you need, including work scheduling, invoicing, locality-specific locum help, Balint groups, CPD events, practice reviews and much more.


If you're a practice:

One point of contact and you gain quick access to a superb choice of GP locums in Cornwall, safe in the knowledge that they all have guaranteed standards of competence. We even orient locums to the needs of your practice. Let us take the headache out of your locum hunt the next time you need clinical cover.


A VIRTUAL PARTNERSHIP...maintain your independence while being fully supported

As locums ourselves, we understand the needs of independent GP locums in Cornwall. When you join the chambers you keep your right to set your own rates, choose your assignments and to specify how you want to work. What we do is give you all the vital support you need to perform at your best. This includes providing access to medico-legal protection, providing a forum for discussions with other GP locums in Cornwall, helping with your CPD and supplying invoicing services. When you choose to work at a new practice in Cornwall, we will help you with orientation, and we also have our own practice rating system to share feedback among our GP locums in Cornwall. We aim to make locuming an established, stress-free career choice with robust support and excellent standards of care.


Any GP practice in Cornwall is welcome to join this exciting new network. You will then have a single contact point from which you can access many GP locums in Cornwall. You will get a speedy and professional response on the availability of GP locums that have been matched to your specific needs. Working with us is your guarantee of the professionalism and competence of the GP locums that you book, together with complete clarity on the individual contract specifications. You will also benefit from our streamlined processes, including integrated calendar services and single point reminders of invoicing. We take the hassle out of hiring GP locums in Cornwall while also giving you complete peace of mind.

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